Amanball: The idea of creating sports where a male and female can compete against one another is interesting enough. This amazing traditional sport comes with a rope and ball fastens to the upper part of a pole. The pole is designed to stand firm in a heavy base on ground


The new Amanball has been developed to be played in a standard Amanball Court, and this is an area with dimensions where players are trained to know the rules on the ground. To begin with a tournament, the two competitors (players) are required to stand on either end of a 9ft (nine-foot) pole. Looking aggressive as it has been a norm in sports tournament, a player pound the ball with a rope tie around to see the ball and rope move forth and back, and the purpose in every hit of the ball using the racket is to have the rope tie around the rope and each tie or faster of the rope gives a point.

How It's Played

In this fascinating sport, we have a player blocking all the serves from the other end and the blocking is also aimed at hitting forth in similar fashion and aggressiveness as the other competitor at the other end. The competition continues until there is a total tie of the entire rope around the pole.

A Referee is the official to handle competition in the Amanball events

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