Ampe is a traditional endurance sports. Ampe has two main divisions and these are:  Double Heart, and the Super-Double Heart

Introduction To AMPE SPORT

Ampe is a traditional endurance sports. Ampe has two main divisions and these are: Double Heart, and the Super-Double Heart Double Heart competition: The competitors in this sports category are professionals determined to attain the Super-Double Heart status, and in this division two teams of two individuals from each side compete against each other. Each competitor is given three attempts opportunity to enter the Ampe arena (playing ground). Depending on the individual strength in the course of the competition, a competitor can choose to remain and play all rounds against the opponents till the final round of 10. Each round of the sports has a period time limit of one minute (before the bell goes off for a break). After fifty seconds period of rest, the Referee calls for players to start the match. Super-Double Heart competition: This is where the ultimate state of Ampe Sports endurance is effectively experienced. With similar match or game officiating as the division of the Double Heart (SDH) competition, the following are the officials who handle the SDH event: 3-Judges, Referee, Counting Team and a Recorder. “Ampe Sports is widely regarded as the most enduring on high jumping sport in the world”


The Super-Double Heart

*First Rule: A player must jump and let both legs touch the buttocks.

*Second Rule: Once the Referee starts the game, the competitor is obliged to complete the binding two minutes period and wait for the Bell to stop the competition. Note that, both Round 1 and Round 10 last for 2mins.

*Third Rufe: Both players must remain in the designated White area throughout the course of playing. The Referee deducts 2-points and 5-points from player whose leg steps in the Blue and Red colour respectively. Minus 10 (subtraction) is fined to any player who steps beyond the Red Colour. The same marks (-10) is fined to a player who stop in the course of playing as a result of tiredness. The marks fined (-10) is rewarded to the opponent.

*Fourth Rule: The Bell partially controls the Ampe Sports and therefore, Players must follow the start and end” signal of the Bell. No mark is rewarded when the Bell goes off to signal end of the game.

*Five Rule: Player misconduct is strictly monitored. Thus, the Referee is mandated to utilize his/her discretion to penalize a player for misconduct. However, the Ampe Sports authority is strongly against biasing exhibition, and any official whose conduct is found to be in such position will be equally dealt with after a match.

A total of twenty “crafted stones’ are provided to each team but the players in competition start with five “crafted stones before giving additions ones especially where competitors are unable to use all the crafted stones’ to hit a target

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