The Ghana International Cultural Games Festival (GICGF) emerges as a pioneering cultural program, fostering unity among Ghanaians and addressing societal challenges. Combining traditional games with a festival atmosphere, GICGF showcases Ghana’s rich cultural heritage, involving regional participants and promoting international collaboration through indigenous games. The festival, led by Nana Boateng Gyimah II, aims to reach new heights in 2024, emphasizing traditional peace-building, social intervention, and global cultural development.

What's Ghana International Cultural Games Festival (GICGF)

The Ghana International Cultural Games Festival (GICGF) is the leading-edge cultural program for the sports events and tourism organizations. GICG brings Ghanaians in different communities together to take positive steps towards collective efforts to achieve unified goals that challenges gender discrimination, tribalism, religious abuse, etc. The 1st Ghana International Cultural Games Festival fills the people of Ghana and diaspora abroad with pride. The fact to combine cultural games with components of festival will make it possible to increase collaboration between government and traditional leaders, and this will facilitate GICGF efforts of bringing together the nation’s tribes, religious groups and other marginalized groups through the Ghana games and festival.

Tradition, Sports, & Global Harmony

Ghana International Cultural Games Festival is a sports representative of the national festivals, and the regional participants who will represent their respective 16 distinct regions at the most fascinating cultural games festival event will be welcome to the region hosting the maiden event by the President’s sports ministers and appointees, traditional chiefs and queen mothers, educational directors, religious and business groups.
The national president of the Cultural Games Association, Nana Boateng Gyimah II is the sports authority, regional team representatives and stakeholders advise to make twelve Ghana’s indigenous games and sports including the Pushboxing, Catapult, Ampe Sports, Skyball, Amanball, etc. available for the February 2024, 1st Ghana International Cultural Games and approximately 680 athletes from variety of backgrounds will compete in the nation’s and the world’s premier cultural games.

With the thousands and hundreds of people and media organizations roaming the Ghana International Cultural Games Festival, the February 204 sports festival can reach further than ever to increase the importance of Ghana and international cultural games. Although the GICGF clearly describes the internationally focused festival as one based on traditional games and sports, it is in collaboration with regional and municipal executives and paramount chiefs and it is therefore better placed to attract major music performances in Western, African, Asian, Caribbean tonal tradition depending on Paramount or Municipal Chief’s festival ground performance that pleases their followers.

The Ghana International Cultural Games Festival goals is about unifying Ghana with the world, and the expectations cast a new light on Ghana cultural games and traditions as a model of traditional peace building, social intervention, crime control and conflict resolution. Other major and unique basis of the GICGF that needs to be opened is the focus on the international development and promotion of the Cultural Games at the festival. We call on the Diasporas, media, investors and all interest groups to become participants!

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