GH Skyball SPORT

The GH Skyball is similar in every playing skills and footballing disciplines to the Pele-Messi football. The only differentiation in both the football and Skyball is the goalposts. The Skyball has been created to have additional two nets in a long-designed goalpost as opposing to the preferred one net in somehow short goalpost.

How Is GH Skyball Played?

GH Skyball is a traditional sport usually played between two teams with each team consisting of fifteen players. Each team has ten active players and a goalkeeper, and the other four reserved players take over the functions of the ball boys. The idea to have this new change in the Skyball is the unusual frustrations and calculated delays that some of the ball boys or girls can show. It is believed in the GH Skyball that inactive players in the outer part of the playing field will determine the hastiness in get a ball for a team to continue the tournament.

GH Skyball Officiating

Per the officials, the GH Skyball has two Linesmen, a Referee and a Match Commissioner.

Counting on goal scoring depends on the side of the net the ball enters. Playing the ball to enter the net in the base (ground) scores 1. Where a player skillfully hit the ball to enter the middle net, scores 3. The majority of the scores is achieved where a player gauge and hit the ball to enter the extreme top net; this time it gives 5 cores in total. The penalty shootouts also have similar rules of scoring to observe.

The name tagged to these sports is originally popular in Ghana but the successful complete designed of the Chaskele Sports is beyond people imagination and this means Chaskele is a new field sports in our generation. The purpose of this professional sports is for the two teams with three players each to run from the other side of the park to the other end (100m distance) to find a hidden object.

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