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When it comes to professional traditional games development in Ghana and Africa, the Cultural Games Association (CGA) have all available leading personalities and tools to transform concepts in traditional game into real and practical game and sports. Simply, the CGA assist the State’s sports governing body in the development and promotion of the traditional games and we refer to games that were once upon a time most followed games and sports but have unfortunately been abandoned for a reason being that the interests in the games have been declined or no long found. CGA known to government and the public as the premier in sports development in Ghana, is committed to making sure the key Ghana’s developed traditional games have the required attention and technical support they need to succeed in the international sports markets, and most precisely, in every country across the globe.

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Ampe Sports (Ampe): Ampe is a traditional endurance sports. Ampe has two main divisions and these are:  Double Heart, and the Super-Double Heart. Double Heart competition: The competitors in this sports category are professionals determined to attain the Super-Double Heart status, and in this division two teams of two individuals from each side compete against each other.


Cultural Games Association (CGA) has great sports developments capability and the successful designed of the Pushboxing sport which will play a reasonable impact in the world of sports. Pushboxing requires immense pushing strength to bring a competitor’s both legs on the floor or push the opponent so hard that the person will fall on the floor of the Pushboxing arena. A person who competes in this sport is call a Pushboxer


GH Skyball: The GH Skyball is similar in every playing skills and footballing disciplines to the Pele-Messi football. The only differentiation in both the football and Skyball is the goalposts. The Skyball has been created to have additional two nets in a long-designed goalpost as opposing to the preferred one net in somehow short goalpost.


Chaskele Sports starts with an enormously great force with a team of players called the Pitch Athletes who run 100m distance to find a hidden object. To play the Chaskele Sports professionally, the CGA coaches and trainers will provide teaching support to understand the other set of teams including their respective functions in the Chaskele Sports. These teams range from the Batranger, Shooter and the Midfielders.

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CGA Games

The idea of creating sports where a male and female can compete against one another is interesting enough. This amazing traditional sport comes with a rope and ball fastens to the upper part of a pole. The pole is designed to stand firm in a heavy base on ground. The new Amanball has been developed to be played in a standard Amanball Court, and this is an area with dimensions where players are trained to know the rules on the ground. 

This Century old game is usually played with two or four competitors. Nte can also be played one-on-one depending on the circumstances. Before the introduction of the decorated board with holes set at the edges with the aim of playing it universally, the ancient preferred setup for all Nte game events was using a divided polythene bag and fastens it around a hollow item typically a very short container.

Catapult Game as it is originally called before its called, “Tyre” it requires a great high intensity of gauging to hit an object hang from 18m distance away. The Catapult Game is a specialist game with competitors requiring to start the tournament with five “crafted stones” Catapult is usually between two teams with each team consisting of two competitors.

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