Cultural Games Association (CGA) has great sports developments capability and the successful designed of the Pushboxing will play a reasonable impact in the world of sports. Pushboxing requires immense pushing strength to bring a competitor’s both legs on the floor or push the opponent so hard that the person will fall on the floor of the Pushboxing arena. A person who competes in this sport is call a Pushboxer

Push Boxing Points

As with other kinds of boxing, Pushboxing maintains three Judges, a Referee, Clock and Bell Attendances in all competing events and their major goals are observing continued discipline, stipulated timing and rewarding the outstanding Pushboxer in the event with a winning mark. Traditionally, there are both time and round limits for the competition. Competitors are required to sustain in their full strength, skills and manoeuvres through Round 1 to the last Round of 12. Similar to the Kick, Punch and other ways of Boxing, Pushboxing whose principle is for entertainment and not demonstrating fear, dangers and panic also keeps the two minutes time limit before the stop of each Round in the competition.

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